carrie hope fletcher

carrie hope fletcher is a british west end actress, author, and vlogger. carrie also plays the ukulele and piano and uploads covers of herself singing onto youtube. she adores the color purple, books, tea, and origami. she loves it when her dressing room (while on tour with a show with west end) has wifi and a refrigerator. she has beautiful curly blonde hair, warm, deep brown eyes, and stands at 5’5″. her singing voice is smooth, strong, clear, resonant. it is practically perfect in every way! she has been acting since she was very young, and is most famous for the roles of eponine (when she was younger and older), truly scrumptious (both younger and older), and wednesday addams. she is the author of three books: “all that she can see”, “on the other side”, and “all i know now”. she also has a youtube channel called “itswaypastmybedtime” and a second channel called “twentythirtytwo”. she is a good person with a positive outlook and a friendly, kind, and down-to-earth disposition. she is always willing to help others in any way she can and will always be smiling! she is strong and has a beautiful personality and character and such a refreshing positive perspective. i am so grateful to carrie for helping me remember who i am and helping me cement my ident-ty, and for her youtube channel being such a happy, cozy place! thank you, carrie!
“hey, who was the actress who played wednesday?”
“that was carrie hope fletcher!”

“wow, carrie hope fletcher is so talented! her voice is beautiful.”

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