one of the best units to play a no rush game (a game where you wait 5-20 mins before attacking, in contrast to all the little babyback n00bs who zerg the cr-p out of you early on) with in starcraft on, especially when used with arbiters, the greatest free online gaming service that has been around for more than 10 years.
person1: dudes, i’m sending arbiters to the last base, bring the carriers, guardians, and battlecruisers to the warp point!

…30 seconds later: opponent: holy mother of!—player gets cr-p owned out of him…
the single most instant win unit in all of starcraft.
carriers = instant win
a woman who’s job is to be pregnant every 9 months. she pops out babies after babies which enables her to be unemployed and drain government money.
ashley is always pregnant. why is she such a carrier? her fat -ss needs to stop popping out babies and get a job at walmart!
the act of womanafying a room with crafty cutesy objects.
this room is too bland. let’s make it carrier!
a person who is a carrier of aids, hiv and any other sti or std. in football it is also the ball carrier or person with the ball.
mom: jenny are you a carrier
jenny: yeah mom i got it from billy last week and then i spread it to tom, gene, finny, jimbo and dad.
mom: how did dad get it.
jenny: me and dad did the nasty.
someone who is “gay as aids”.
if somebody does something that would possibly cause him to be called gay, he can also be reffered to as a carrier.
a heteros-xual person whose h-m-s-xual mannerisms suggest they carry a gay gene.
when i first heard steven talk, i -ssumed he was gay, but then i met his wife and realized that he was just a carrier.

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