another word for v-g-n-.
“he totally felt up my carruchi!!!

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  • Faggate

    a guy who likes guys omg did you no that chris likes d-cks in his mouth so he is such f-ggate

  • Cat butt effect

    the effect of stretching your ear too fast. if you skip/don’t wait long enough to go up a size, your ear lobe will start to wrinkle and look like a cat’s b-tthole. “dude, did you see his ear? he has that cat b-tt effect goin’ on!” “my friend went from a 18g to a 00g […]

  • Niggrah

    slang for word n-gg-r, but sounds more proper then saying n-gg- hey man, look at that stupid niggrah over there, what a f-ckin stupid monkey

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    the act of planning two or more events in one night, including parties, social gatherings, and dates. this term was first used in the book the manual by steve santagati in reference to scheduling multiple events, typically dates, in one night in the antic-p-tion that one event is lame, rendering the alternate engagement a way […]

  • faggidest

    a beautiful and lovely bush. morten don’t f-ck that chick, she haven’t even grown a f-ggidest yet.

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