jogper wearing imbersile
m-f-, you look like a f-cking carvell

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    anacronym for “rolling on the floor laughing my -ss off so hard i almost peed myself.” used in chat rooms and the like to express an emotion without having to type the whole phrase. bill: “my new favorite music genre is nerdcore aka “geeksta rap”. check out this link. (bill inserts link here) ted: “rotflmaoshiapm” […]

  • homacious

    adjective form of the noun h-m-s-xual. used to describe any person, object, or especially a situation which the speaker perceives to be gay. man, there’s no chicks here. this party is homacious. g-d d-mn it, rob. that mesh tank top is the most homacious shirt i’ve ever seen. you’re not latino, you’re never going to […]

  • rusty truckdriver

    when you run of gas and you have to go to the “firehouse” to get more “gas”. the definition of receiving gas is rather ambiguous. mikela portsmom totally got a rusty truckdriver last night!

  • raag

    he is so swagalicious even the prettiest of the girls fall for him. but, if u get on his bad side, he will take u and rip u to little itty bitty peaces and throw u down to the pits of tartarus i wish i was a raag raag is so cute

  • Cary Police

    a group of men and women who have the upmost respect for traffic laws and attempt to fine as many people as possible for violations with an extreme prejudice. also known for having no real purpose in life and lacking the neccessary traits of being productive members of society. more commonly recognized for their inability […]

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