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cascada is a club/trance project from germany. the group consists of natalie horler and yanou and dj manian (although natalie does work with other producers/dj’s). their biggest chart hit to date was “everytime we touch” (which soonafter had many remixes), which was a huge hit in both the underground trance scene and the commercial scene.

the name cascada came about due to copyright issues. the project were origionally named “cascade”, however soon after legal action was threatened by a band of the same name, they changed the name to “cascada”. contrary to popular belief, cascada is a project, not natalie horler herself.

natalie horler (the vocalist/producer/visual representative of cascada) was born in bonn, germany to english parents and considers herself more english than german.

cascada can go under the genres of trance, commercial trance, club, pop, eurotrance, dance, and techno. although lacking in origionality, cascada continue to make a big impression on the american charts with their eurobeat style.
“everytime we touch”, “miracle” and “ready for love” are a few songs by cascada
a eurodance group from germany that gained spots on the charts for releasing songs that are as awesome as f–k.

also, one of the few artists that produce music videos shot in clubs by people old enough to be in clubs.

‘evacuate the dance floor’, ‘everytime we touch’ & ‘pyromania’ are examples of musical medicine to cure ears from the trash that this decade has to offer.
cascada is one of the few mainstream artists i not only bear, but actually like.
a german euro-trance artist
she does have some good music though

(dont confuse her music for techno music…just putting it out there)
casey: i just got the latest alb-m from cascada
she has the best techno music out there

todd: um she sings euro-trance music, not techno music, and she’s not really the best
a very popular, mainstream, and over rated artist hailing from germany. although countless people will sit there and exclaim how she’s the “best techno artist out there,” get your facts straight. not only is her music not “techno,” but her songs aren’t even her own, and they all sound exactly the same. same beat, same loops, same everything. no freaking originality.

first, her genre would be cl-ssified as “euro-dance,” or, better yet, as cheese. because really, when you sit there and play “everytime we touch” and scream “i love techno!!!” at the top of your lungs, you don’t, you little poser. you’re just off obsessing over a song that came out years ago and isn’t even all that great. listen to her songs and finally realize that they are the cheesiest forms of electronic music out there.

cascada is, without a doubt, someone who only strengthens the traditional stereotype of how all electronic music sounds the same.
poser: wheee! i love this song! everytime time we touch is the best techno song ever!! cascada is my favorite techno artist!!!
possibly the best techno artist out there. she is from germany and wrothe 1 of the biggest songs of ’06, “everytime we touch.”

~-german pride-~
cascada is the best techno artist ever, i think we should all be german like her.
possibly the worst “techno” artist out there. cascada is not techno however is euro-trance, also known as cheese trance, because of the use of recycled loops. everytime we touch is not the biggest songs of 2006, that’s because it was already made in 1992 by maggie reilly. everytime we touch is nothing spectacular because it’s just a bunch of recycled junk. she did not write it, however just “remade” it for all those pre-teens squirming for attention who just don’t know the difference between real “techno” and cascada. unforunately, she continues to recycle old tunes like never before and continues to become one of the most infamous groups to degrade the sound of electronic dance music.

let me restate the definition of techno:

techno: a word describing a genre of electronic music that sprung up in detroit and europe around the same time (early 80’s). was (and is) characterized by a 4/4 drum kick beat (varies), mechanicalistic effects and drum patterns from drum machines and synths, occaisional b-ssline, melody of various kinds, and a repit-tive feel.

please, those of you who do use the word techno for everything electronic–don’t. (credit to psytrancer)

and for the record, cascada is not the best techno artist, they do not fit under the techno category, you dolt.
ignorant person: cascada is the best techno artist ever!
smart person: cascada blows.

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