(n): the original term of usage in which a marijuana smoking pipe has eliminated the inside substance thus remaining ash and hopefully some resin
(v)ed: when someone has h-t the bowl for the last time and there is no more marijauana product remaing in the bowl.

syn:(pootstania, johnny cashed, kicked, beat, snuffed, cashed, skeeted, ratted, done, empty, ked, trimed, skimmed, scrat, f-cked, dipped, clamed, caked, (a type of shwag), skimp, toasted, crushed, krushed, dunzo, cut to tut or rut to gut, housed, knocked, corn of the cob, smashed, sl-tted, ashed, -ssholed, torched, creamed, tossed, burnt, worked, forked, p–py, dankless, dechronofied, killed, flushed, dumped, yorked, axed, dorked, etc.)
(n)this bowl is cashulu.

(n) well we have been chiefing this bowl pretty hard, it is for sure cashulu.

(adj):don’t ever p-ss me a cashulu bowl!

(v):that sh-t better not be cashulued, you rat!

(n):lets dipset, this bowl is cashulu.

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