cat farmer

a label in the airline hospitality industry, referring to female flight attendants who are older and considered past their youthful prime of beauty. usually they have decades of service with their airline. this is mostly an american industry term, as foreign airlines usually limit stewardesses to a top age of 26.
janis was trying to work the flight to chicago, but she was trumped by that cat farmer eileen, who has twenty years of service with the company.
the profession of farming felines in the canadian wilderness. a rather hauntingly difficult task, usually done by planting cats in the ground and waiting for them to sprout and thus being able to farm them correctly. alternatively, you can just let them roam free until they reproduce and be all bad-ss with your cat farm.
i’ve heard of vegetable farms, cow farms, even zombie farms, but a cat farm?!

so i recently quit my job and became a full time cat farmer..

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