the theory that rubbing two cats together will cause an earthquake on the other side of the world. not to be confused with the popular furry video game, wow: cataclysm
if you rub two cats together, crazy stuff happens on the other side of the world (cataclysm)
the cataclysm is a upcoming expansion for the game wow(world of warcraft) that will most likely be released in spring 2010
nerd1: dude, are you going to buy the new expansion
dude2: no way, im not spending cash on that cataclysm bullsh-t
the destruction of world of warcraft
“hey man, are you getting the new wow expansion: cataclysm?”

“now way man, i’m not going to waste my money on that, it ruins wow!”

“how so?”

“worgens, which are not only going to attract twilight fans and furf-gs, they are racist.”

“wtf? racist?”

“spell worgen backwards…”

the killing one…… unstoppable and deadly with a thompson lol!!
cataclysm rules cod2 with his thompson gun

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