1. a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
2. somebody or something that makes a change happen or brings about an event
1. vodka makes a wicked good catalyst. always makes me sick.
2. her stupid f-ckin catalyst boyfriend, got her listening to oldies.
catalyst: ( n) 1. a descendent of the catalyst family, whom usually is the fault and, or, cause a disaster, tragedy, or any unfortunate. 2. common expression when blaming something
ex: “the catalyst family causes everything.”
axel: head of the catalyst family, who makes usually everything go wrong
ex: “dammit axel this is your fault!”
someone who changes stuff
brings stuff on
starts stuff…
someone kewl!!
like me!
catalyst: i change stuff for the better
kid: yeahhh…
a race of highly evolved pseudo-asians characterized primarily by their powerful intellects, quick reflexes, quicker wits, and inability to repay debts.
that catalyst is one cool mother f-cker, just don’t loan him any benjamins.
a super awesome youth church in t-tusville, fl.
cyc rocks!

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