Catholic Divorce

is not an actual divorce, but a situation wherein two catholics(very often irish-catholics) who should get a divorce refuse to on religious grounds (the catholic church does not allow for divorce). they end up living together but seperately in the same house. they will have seperate beds and rooms (on different floors if possible) and will keep their finances seperate. everything but the couples eventually becomes seperated. the goal is to have as little of contact as possible with each other while technically still married, if asked those couples living under such conditions will say they are doing it, “for the good of the children.” which is a lie since there will be no divorce once the children leave and children will often advocate for their parents to legally divorce.
did you know jimmy’s parents live in seperate parts of the house and have seperate banks accounts and barely even talk to each other?

yeah, that is because they have a catholic divorce.

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