catniss is a brave funny girl whos always there for you.
that girl catniss is so brave.

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  • beansmoker

    a person who is commonly sucking a narrow string bean -like p-n-s. mildly derogatory,usually said by a person of substantial girth. normally, i’d be all over that queen,but judging by her boyfriend,shes a total beansmoker

  • dickportunity

    a d-ck opportunity, or an opportunity to get d-ck. lindsey: girl i have like two guys i can f-ck. britney: sounds do me you have d-ckportunity or two

  • wingerpop

    two guys named jaleen and james sucking each others d-ck simutaniously from the back while repeatedly moaning “jaleen your on that nut sh-t” “jaleen, let’s wingerpop”

  • a michael move

    when you intentionally leave to go get lunch and not offer other co-workers to order as well. how could you go get chinese without offering to everyone. that is such a michael move.

  • ghost ping

    a discord term. when someone pings you in a message but deletes it so you get a random notification. i have a notification. wait there’s nothing here? guess i was ghost pinged.

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