cattle ass

a woman with a big -ss.
hey bill look at that cattle -ss on this one.

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  • brown waterfall

    the act of of enjoying a shower right after taking a dump with out wiping your -ss. as the water cleans your -ss it resembles a waterfall of brown properties. ryan wanted to save money on toilet paper so he jumped in the shower after taking a dump and indulged a brown waterfall.

  • topdogger

    a good leader that can sometimes get caught up in his own accomplishments. someone who is only motivated if an event is interesting. nixon bill gates bill clinton

  • cormier'd

    getting elbowed in the face while playing hockey holy sh-t number 4 just got cormier’d

  • topnica

    n-gg- thats on the top of the leaderboards yo n-gg- 50 and 0 get on my level!!!! im the topnica

  • cornerwear

    n. 1. clothing that is sl-tty or revealing. 2. someone, especially a girl, who is wearing revealing clothing and thought to belong on a corner. b: whoa, look at haven. c: i know. that’s definitely some cornerwear.

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