Cave ape

name for a terrorist, insurgent or of middle eastern heritage
that fu-kin cave ape piece of sh-t!

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  • Nowie

    a person that dresses in current trends, according to the mainstream retail market. that girl in the ugg boots is such a nowie.

  • CaveGaming

    to play a high definition gaming system on a standard definition television. bob: “say tommy, have you seen how good call of duty 4 looks in 1080p?” tommy: “no, i haven’t i’ve been cavegaming because i can not afford a high definition television.”

  • CAYGo

    clean as you go! ryan, caygo that mess at the drink station!

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    the feeling you get when you’ve done something in excess, akin to the feeling you get after eating 20 chicken nuggets from mcdonalds. the phrase can be used to describe everything from eating too much food to how you feel after a heavy night of drinking. “i should not have had that bottle of tequila […]

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