a man who is beyond all leetness.
that guy just won the game, he’s a cbfx.

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  • cbip

    carbon-based interface problem. geeky way of saying the problem lies in the person involved since all living beings on earth are “carbon-based”. dude # 1 is trying to use computer:”my computer screen is all black even though my computer is on. the screen is not working! i need to call the helpdesk to fix this.” […]

  • CBSS

    compulsive bull-sh-t syndrome: when you can’t stop spreading bs excuses about why you can’t go out, can’t keep a plan (even a hot date), can never seem to get work done for one reason or another or otherwise cannot ever seem to get out of work. the male population are especially pr-ne to this unfortunate […]

  • bang crispy

    to leave in a hurry or to only stay for a minute. amanda : “hey man i’m about to bang crispy.” jacob: “you just got here?” example 2: joe: “did you go to that party yesterday?” alexis: “yeah man, but i banged crispy.”

  • Charqles

    “char culs” charles no sup charqles? one r-t-rd that sucks at counterstrike what a chargles!! get out of my way a hot s-xy korean b-st-rd. nice -ss. nice crotch. nice everything. are you a charqles type of guy? nub

  • Chase the barking spider

    in conjunction with the term ‘barking spider’ when a fart is blamed on a insect most certainly not present. chase the barking spider is a term used for -n-l s-x. whilst bending over your spouse you may ask if one may chase the barking spider, avoiding the use of embarr-ssing words like bottom, toosh or […]

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