cbi – californian bureau of investigation. appears in the tv show, “the mentalist”.
agent lisbon: “we’re with the cbi, the californian bureau of investigation.”
1. cincinatti bell information systems
a billing system maintained by convergys

2. a fluffy siamese cat owned by joseph
1. i cannot log into cbis

2. cbis, stop biting me!
constantly begging it
1. promo for promo? sorry for cbi~
2. ugh, i really need a boyfriend. #cbi
3. “that girl’s such a sl-t” “totally, isn’t she just cbi?”
canadian born italian. although it’s not as common as cbc, yet they r still hotties imho imho.
“i just met a gal yesterday, and she’s a cbi, whoa dude…she’s awesome..wanna make out with her.”

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