cbt stands for “c-ck and ball torture”. torture can be inflicted by: slapping, squeezing, pinching, weights/parachutes. the t-st-cl-s can stand great pain but caution should be taken.

in some cases, “torture” is considered “play”. the t-st-cl-s are simply tugged on or stretched out.

most men find handling, stroking and squeezing gently is a pleasurable sensation. some enjoy using ball stretchers to achieve a longer sac.
girl: “his b-lls are so long! they slap against my -ss all the time, i love it.”
c-ck and ball torture, tyoe of sm practices inflicting pain to the male s-xual organs
c-ck and ball torture: c-ck and ball torture can also be c-ck and ball teasing. playing with a man’s scr-t-m can be painful or pleasureable. the goal of bdsm is to make cbt both painful and pleasureable.
cbt guy: madam, please give me another stroke.

mistress: now guy! i told you i wouldn’t stroke you until i had this nice leather shoe lace all tied around your c-ck and hang your nasty stinky combat boot off the end of your wee little p-ck-r.

cbt guy: oh madam! you do so know how to tease me and make me hard.

mistress: stop that, you’re making me wet and you know that must makes me want to hang weights off your ball sac.

cbt guy: oh mistress! sighing and moaning

cbt guy: sqeak! you are really gonna hang that 3 lb weight off my b-lls?! eek!

mistress: shut up! or i’ll get the 5 lb weight.

cbt guy: yes, mistress!

mistress: yes what?! get the 5 lb weight! or are you going to shut up?!

cbt guy: …

mistress: smart guy!
cognitive behavioural therapy
your severe social problems should be treated with cbt
can’t believe that sh-t
guy: did you see that car coming it totally flattened that kid..

guy2: yeah man… cbts….
computer based training. any topic that is routinely taught in a cl-ssroom / laboratory environment, then transfered to a computer training course. often the subject matter is taught, then tested on; before moving to the next area. it may, or may not, have a “final exam”.
microsoft certification, many of these are computer based training (cbt).
c-nty b-tch t-ts. any -sshole with flapping b–bies.
“that fat f-ck has some c.b.t.s!”

“tell that c.b.t. to put the donut down.”

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