(a.k.a. child detection agency) monstropolis’s only protection from the threat of serious infection from human childrens’ possessions… or far worse: a human child itself. (monsters, inc.)
cda agent: we can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child.
abbreviation for cyber displays of affection. similar to pda but instead is broadcasted online for all to see on sites such as facebook, mysp-ce, and twitter.
what’s with all the cda on facebook? i just saw johnny’s status update: “i can’t wait to get home and kiss my beautiful wife!” and mary’s says: “i’m in love with the man of my dreams!” it’s just as bad as pda.
the file format that is used on audio cd’s. it can only be created by software like windows media player, itunes, etc. and then can be read by stereos, compact disc players, or even other computers.
i like track07.cda because that song is my favorite! i practically listen to it in my car on my way to and from school!
acronym for “chronic d-ck ache”. when someone has a face or appearence of major discomfort that leads one to beleive there may be something wrong with their downstairs.
dude 1: whoa, check out the old man sitting on that bench…

dude 2: omg, total cda!

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