c-m dump towel
girl: if you are going to com in my p-ssy you better bring some cdts in so i can prevent my p-ssy from leaking all over the sheets

dude: sure thing, one or two?

girl: let’s do two cdts in case it’s a big load
a dream team famous in the toronto / scarborough area for getting money and living the good life. this is not a gang but a family of trusted individuals.

also known as cash dream team.

-ssociated with many local and international businesses the members of the cdt group can provide low prices for almost everything.

although most members are civil and professional business men/women don’t take their kindness for weakness they are known to do damage when disrespected in a major way.

originated in the 416-905 area code.
example: cdt occupations including: car sales, angle investing, artist signing, tv commercials, concerts, security work, promoting/advertis-m-nt and more.
cdts stands for “chronic drunk text syndrome”…
“omg, my cdts is acting up…why did i text him?”

(“omg, my chronic drunk text syndrome is acting up…why did i text him?”)
continental divide trail. one of the three main long-distance hiking trails in the us; goes from canada to mexico along the continental divide.
that hippy is going to hike the cdt.
cuddle transmitted disease
“i cuddled with your dog and got fleas, my least favorite cdt.”

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