cefai is a rare name but one of the best named after a start called safire.cefai also means person with huge d-ck in there pants
cefai =to amazing

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  • mindler

    someone who constantly mindles; act of being overly friendly to a girl that you want to sleep with while perpetually keeping her in the friend zone, someone who keeps flirtationships don’t mess with a boy who won’t commit, he’s a mindler.

  • oui oui bonjour baguette

    in english (slang) it translates to “my p-ssy be sn-tched” commonly used by instagram model sahar luna girl 1: how did it go last night with zayn girl 2: oui oui bonjour baguette girl 1: oooof! tell me all the details

  • super anti lit

    when something is so far from lit that it becomes super anti lit. person 1: want to come to my party next weekend? it’s going to be lit. person 2: sorry but i have to work on my paper. person 1: bruh, that is so super anti lit.

  • reclaiming my time

    when people are on your time but wasting it! maxine: are you familiar with the may 23rd letter that i sent munchkin: thank you for having me here, you’re such a beautifu- maxine: reclaiming my time. — answer the question, hoe. when you don’t have time to be wasting time with ignorant foolish or stupid […]

  • oloriburuku

    direct translation to b-st-rd head meaning someone stupid or crazy with mad thoughts don’t use it around nigerian parent unless u want to die omo oloriburuku omo aje ole

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