excessive celebrating that causes an apathy towards spelling and grammar. often caused by alcohol.
“happy birthday”
“thanks, now come out cekbrating with us”

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  • postbation

    when you go on postblock on facebook and can’t message or make posts on facebook for 30 days. post + probation = postbation. aka facebook jail. someone reported my post saying “f-g” and now i am on postbation.

  • itamar

    a man of cuban decent who loves making love to innocent farm animals and cuddling with them afterward. itamar usually has a very tiny p-n-s. when you travel to cuba this weekend, don’t pull a itamar on us.

  • best shockers

    the home of hardcore p-rnography and shocking videos like 2 girls 1 cup and man beheadings have you watched 2 girls 1 cup and/or pain olympicsyeah i saw it on best shockers.com

  • cuder

    a synonym for p-ssy, v-g-n-, and c-nt. don’t b such a cuder.

  • undertaking

    the beggining of a dangerous task,or venture. climbing that mountain was a very difficult undertaking.

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