neal legowski – the wee tarrier fae the water board!!
cerpet – u goin for the cheddar burgers!!

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  • Grab two beers and jump

    something to do when some douchebag p-sses you off on an airplane yo dude, i was flying this plane yesterday until at 30,000 ft, this douchebag p-ssed all over my michael strahan poster, so i had to grab two beers and jump.

  • certain death

    1-slang word describing strong c-cktails 2-c-cktail containing 19 units/pint created at in a university flat in 2000, now popular in “the path tavern” 3-metal band formed in 2000 1- “man, that was a certain death” 2- “i’ll have a certain death, please” 3- “certain death were good last night”

  • Graen

    hot chick d-mn, that graen chick is one hot piece of -ss.

  • Graham Oakley

    graham oakley is a smart handsome and courageous who will not back down to anything or any one. he can overcome any obstacle and obtain and girl he so desires. his good looks and charms are all he needs when talking to ladies. graham oakley says: “hey babe wanna f-ck?” “urmmm” -boom- shes f-cked

  • it was stella

    something you say when you need to blame something on someone, but you don’t want to blame it on anyone in particular. ‘why did you take a screenshot of me?’ ‘sorry, it was stella’

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