a hispanic woman who is always seen wearing flip-flops. cotton b-lls may be present in between the toes to absorb the excess nail polish. the flip-flops may be made out of paper and/or cardboard and are generally obtained at the chinese beauty salon where the chancletera gets her $5 pedicures. if in a dressy mood, the chancletera may upgrade to plastic flip-flops purchased at the 99-cent store next door to her favorite nail salon.

chancleteras are frequently found in strip mall parking lots, yelling at her metro pcs phone, while feeding cheetos and budweiser to her children. it is advisable to not directly engage or even acknowledge a chancletera, as this may cause her to fling a flip-flop at you and/or demand child support payments.
bill: why is that woman walking on broken beer bottles with her flip-flops? doesn’t that hurt?

jose: no man. she’s a chancletera. she’s used to it.

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