it means ” f— yourself”. changzo came from the david chang.
go changzo -sshole.

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    1)(collective noun) pointless rants and other random pieces of anime related insanity 2)n. a yahoogroup dedicated to the cause above 1)praorpoari! ^____^ 2)praorpoari: driven crazying trying to pr-nounce our own name

  • Retard Clap

    what brandon frasier did at the golden globes man, tommy was so excited about his new car he did a r-t-rd clap!

  • logtwaggle

    a word that sounds nasty but isn’t. john didn’t realize it but testiclle-eyes was a total logtwaggle and he totally ruined the convorsation

  • prazzle

    male who is a combination of pr-ck and -sshole see how he drives? what a prazzle!

  • cruise the booze

    motivating for a party or social function. often used when morale is low and people need to get fired up to get out of the house. hey you lazy -sses, the party started an hour ago, lets cruise the booze!

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