a combination of a sk-nk and a chunky person: a chunk sk-nk.
autumn and kylie were being chanks when they walked around school with their -ss-s hanging out of there leggings.
slang for ch-nk(asian person)first became popular on the chappelle’s show.
aa-rabs, jews, neegers, and all those kinds of chanks….stank!

hey kyle, jet lee called, he wants his eyes back. rick james b-tch
the act of shanking someone while at the same time chundering all over them
i like to chank people at the weekends, especially after one to many drinks
a word used as a subst-tute for thanks and cheers….
chanks for letting me stay at yours last nite
invented in mr. kane’s geometry cl-ss around the beginning of 2005 by michael phan (asian), and cameron mike (black). when the two were arguing, michael mocked cameron and called him a chank, because when cameron says ch-nk with his koramo like voice, it sounds like chank. just one year later the word was widely used throughout fremont ca, and is still spreading. the #1 victim of this word is michael and cameron’s friend, luc mai. this word is mostly used to make fun of asians, but now anyone can be called a chank.
luc you chank, put your shirt back on.

shut up chanker stanker!

get your chank -ss out of here.
spanglish for thong sandals; comes from spanish ‘chancleta’
dude, i just got the coolest reef chanks!
to smoke marjiuana with the intent to get high.
dave: “yo do you want to chank bro? i got some decent trees on me.”
jason: “of fo sho!”

matt: “dayummm! i just wanna chank all weekend.”
a fictional stalker on a social networking site. this person never reveals their their ident-ty to their victim. chank is usually created by close friends who know more than the average person would know about the victim, therefor leaving the victim very confused and paranoid.
chris and tim decided to chank me. couldn’t believe it was them all along. why would they waste their time?

tom got so worried about the mysterious chank, he wouldn’t step foot in his bas-m-nt for days.

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