a filipino word means having s-xy,pretty look to your husband,girlfriend,boyfriend or even your wife
i’ve chansing my husband at that night

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  • spiced up

    to be high on marijuana i’m so spiced up on that killer bud we just smoked!

  • Frumpy Cunt

    fat b-st-rd but worse , someone who’s body is shaped like a sand bag and is one of the worst seen look at that disgusting frumpy c-nt there

  • Fulkery

    another, “polite” way to call out on someone else’s bull or stupidity without offending the light hearted with your “flying f-cks”. “just look at all that fulkery!” “did you hear that fulkery?” aka “just look at all that f-cking bullsh-t!” “did you hear that f-cking bullsh-t?” same concept!

  • artmin

    combination of the words admin and artist, it usually refers to an administrator of a facebook page that posts his/her (fan)art to the page in order to recieve feedback or criticism by the page’s fans. the artmin of my favourite meme page posted a few of his sketches last night

  • facial refund

    when you nut in your partners mouth, and then they kiss you without swallowing. guy 1: so i nut in this chick’s mouth, and then she came in for a kiss. s-xually confused guy: aw dude, she gave you a facial refund!

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