that one chick who is sometimes funny but inherently just p-sses everybody off.
the chanteal is an elusive and irritating creature, often found within trees.

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  • Klink Krew

    klink krew, a skate krew in noco,nh who have no counderies. just a group of teens doing wat they love to do and stay out of trouble at the same time. yo, man dude you see the “klink krew” yest-rday? they were so st–zy

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    a person whose feet are knives. i saw loosetooth mcguillicutte prancing down the street on her kni-fees.

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    originating in the late 90s outdoor party scene in the area surrounding shrewsbury, west shropshire the shrewsbury finger is when the index finger is wagged vociferously in both recognition and appreciation of a ‘bangin tune’ slipped in by a dj usually specialising in drum ‘n’ b-ss, breaks or techno. “nafe’s givin’ it the shrewsbury finger […]

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