Chapel Hill

also known as “chapel thrill”, chapel hill is a small piece of heaven on earth. home to the tar heels (if g-d isn’t a tar heel, then why is the sky blue?) and unc basketball (5 time national champs), it is the best place ever. it’s a college town (frat party anyone?), but the population is perfectly in sync with the other residents. franklin street is where it is at and harris teeter cookies are the best.

“i’m a tar heel born
i’m a tar heel bred
and when i die
i’ll be a tar heel dead.”
tyler hansborough, michael jackson, danny green, ty lawson, chapel hill
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a popular college town in north carolina known for its dead music scene and population of sn-bby college kids, businessmen, and drunks. most dine in restaurants are ridiculously expensive and it’s common for h–rds of naive blondes to jaywalk when you’re about to drive through a green light.
jay: bro, let’s go score some fish in the ‘hill. (chapel hill)
jordan: yeah man, i haven’t had a bl-wj-b in two days. let’s do this.
chapel hill is not known as “chapel thrill” to people that were born and raised here. and there is a lot of white, ingnorant, rich people here, but chapel hill also has a lot of hippies.
chapel hill has a suburb and it also has hippies in fields.
1. an amazing town in north carolina, until all the yankees moved to it and it became a sn-bby rich town; noun

2. a suburb of carrboro, nc; noun

3. where many annoying spoiled brats live; noun
1: person: i love all the new neighbors moving into the neighborhood!
other person: yeah, i just hope this town doesnt become a chapel hill though…

2. carrboro citezen: im sorry guys but i cant pay my rent so im moving to chapel hill…
everyone: noooooooo!!!

3. -at school-
student one: i got a new lexus, and ipod, and an iphone for christmas because im perfect!
other students: i bet youre from chapel hill…

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