charcarodontosaurus saharicus

a theropod dinosaur that lived in northern africa around 95 million years ago. it was two meters longer than tyrannosaurus rex (t rex) and coexisted with spinosaurus aegyptiacus. however, spinosaurus ate fish while charcarodontosaurus preyed on ouranosaurus, so they did not have to battle often. charcarodontosaurus did not have jaws capable of breaking bone, unlike tyrannosaurus, but instead had serrated teeth that could cut through flesh. in fact, the name literally means “shark toothed lizard!” carcharodontosaurus was typically an ambushing predator and was also territorial, as bite marks from the same species have been found on the skulls.
charcarodontosaurus saharicus is one of my favorite dinosaurs.

there are no charcarodontosaurus pictures, so here is tyrannosaurus and spinosaurus for size comparison.

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