adj: to have a undescribed magnetism that consistently draws people closer; usually it cannot be pinpointed or described.
“i don’t know what it is about chandra’s personality that makes me want to talk to her all the time — it must be some type of charisma or something.”
a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm as a public figure (a special magnetic charm or appeal)
she has so much charisma!!!
overall momentum of a person’s appearance; overall s-xiness.
rachel: wow, mike has some real charisma!
lexi: yeah, i’m so turned on!
that single, undescribable, intangible quality that a girl with big jugs has
there was just something about that stripper i saw yesterday, she was just oozing charisma
the greatest feeling eveer, better than an -rg-sm in a bag
dang, i sure have a lot of charisma
charisma, or die!
1-not to ignore some one, to interact in a situation.

2-a trait that skilled people have that helps them get by in a big city.

a gross stalker nasty greasy black fat over weight b-st-rd just asked me for a ciggarette, am i going to ignore him?, no, i’m going to show my charisma and try to start a decent conversation with him instead.

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