a tall tatted up crazy lady usually of hawaiian descent
this girl i work with is a real charleann

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  • filmjolk

    when a movie is so bad you projectile vomit and sh-t at the same time. i’m headed to the mall to get new pants. i went to see soul plane and it was so bad that i filmjolked everywhere.

  • luised

    luised: when one is unknowingly drugged while he or she goes to the restroom. x got luised at shakey’s while he/she went to the restroom felt shlumped afterwards.

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    a shaved scr-t-m/b-llsack/n-ts-ck/ballocks i love the felling of your smooth shavacado in my tight p-ssy”

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    fisting a fish and slapping it across your girlfriends lips whichever lips you prefer. “fishfistlips has become a problem in the u.s,so many people have contracted fish aids due to this kinky procedure.

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