Charles Dickens

rap word for p-n-s, used when it’s useful for rhyming. rarely used.
“i spit on your grave, then i grab my charles d-ckens… b-tch.”

– method man, from notorious big’s ‘the what’ (from the ready to die alb-m)
a popular author and street fighter, charles d-ckens grew up in the 1800s writing books and punching townfolk in the face. died in 1870 after choking on a book.
a selection of the more popular books written by charles d-ckens:

• great expectations
• oviler twists (later re-released as “oliver twist”)
• a christmas carol
• batman returns: the official movie book
one of the greatest authors ever. the people who call him boring are shallow losers who have no lives or insight.
i just read a book by charles d-ckens!
a man whose sole purpose in life was to write books that would in the future make children in schools feel very bored and sleepy and torment high schoolers forever.
charles d-ckens

he also wrote great expectations, a book about r-t-rds in london. and pip, the biggest jerk to walk the fictional planet.
person: yur acting pretty charles d-ckens man.

other person: yeah sorry, it’s my period. >.>
an -sshole author, who saw into the future and wrote sh-tty books to punish young souls. ex: a tale of two sh-theads (cities)
guy 1: dude yesterday i finally finished sparknoting a tale of two cities. it sucked!
guy 2: i know man, if charles d-ckens (d-ckhead) was still alive, i would shove his books up his -ss.

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