a female athlete stripping in celebration after an important sports play. from soccer player hottie brandi chastain, who peeled off her jersey top and fell to her knees with fists clenched after her game-winning penalty kick against china in the 1999 fifa women’s world cup.
‘after clinching silver at beijing, gymnast alicia sacramone pulled a chastain in the heat of the moment when she slid her leotard off her shoulder to flash a breast at a nearby tv camera.’
a funny guy who is nice and has a pretty boy face/model appearance, yet is extremely big-headed. his ego really shines through when he is playing guitar or singing. not a bad guy to date though, as long as you can put up with his over-confidence.
girl1: omgomgomg!!! that guy over there is so attractive!!!!!! and he seems really sweet xoxoxoxo

girl2: yeah, but i hear he’s got a really bad ego. he must a chastain.

girl1: i’m ok with that! i can deal with it 🙂
to be in error. to destroy, break, botch, or ruin. to fail, to forget. to injure (another person or object.)
mandy, after all those drinks, you’ll probably chastain something at may house.

q:why is there broken gl-ss all over the floor?

a:mandy chastained her beer bottle.

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