just an all-around cool broha. besides his secretive abusive behaviors, he is one of the coolest guys. may deceive you with his aloofness and over all calm demeanor, but he is one real part animal.
dang, chat-daddy was off the hizzy ing global studies.

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  • chatham bowl

    small bowl of green. “yo lets kiccit in the green room.haha” “hit this sh-t dude” -p-sses pipe- “wtf is that sh-t dawg??is that even loaded?” “yeah man hit it.” “sorry dude i don’t even see anything loaded..that’s a chatham bowl right there”

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    chattard is a flash game made by rawn hansen. i played chattard for five hours. chattard can most likely describe a person that goes into chat rooms daily, or have their screen names in chat rooms for hours without actually typing. also can describe a person causing a nuisance in a chat room. people that […]

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