-(verb) to be slapped in the face with a kamchatka bottle and then repeatedly hit in the face to the point of no recognition.
“man ferris got chatchdogged real hard this summer. i bet his face still hurts from that m-ssive beating.”
chatchdog (chochdog, chochdawg),(often abbreviated as just chatch)

–verb (used with object)
1. to have s-xual intercourse with (often in demeaning or unusual ways)…. see more
ex. “wow, i can’t believe you slapped her in the face after chatchd-gg-ng her like that.”

2. to treat unfairly or harshly.
ex. “it’s pretty f-cked up to chatchdog a bro like that; he’s going to have to throw away that microwave.”

-verb (used without object)
3. to have s-xual intercourse (often in demeaning or unusual ways).
ex. “d-mn, i need to watch some sportscenter, i just got done with some serious chatchd-gg-ng and i’m tired as f-ck.”

4. to act in accordance with the noun “chatchdog”
ex. “nick jackson is chatchd-gg-ng so hard right now.”

5. a pledge of a social fraternity or a brother who is still regarded with the same status of a pledge.
ex. “clean that toilet with your tongue you f-cking chatchdog!”

6. (literal)- a hot dog cooked after being marinated in kamchatka liquor.
ex. “lets get f-cked up and cook some chatchdogs.”

7. (negative)- one who acts with general douchebagginess (in all vernacular senses of the word) for the entertainment of others
ex. “did baumwell actually just leave to go home to his girlfriend; what a chatchdog”

(positive]- doing something awesome, yet immature or stupid, for the entertainment of others
ex. “that bro is the ultimate chatchdog, he just did 7 chill w-ll–s”
wow, i can’t believe you slapped her in the face after chatchd-gg-ng her like that.

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