derived from the fasttalk, the chatstorm originated through vodka-coffee consumption. the chatstorm can have many different definitions. it is when you talk very quickly, with no regard for what the other person is saying or doing. it can also be when you are able to persuade someone just by talking so fast that you confuse them, and they just agree to whatever you want. this usually entails getting girls into bed, back can be used for other things, like getting jobs or raises at work.
“i was giving this bitty the chatstorm for about 2 minutes before i convinced her to come to bed with me”

“the bouncer tried to tell me i couldn’t bring my drink outside and was going to kick me out until i gave him my chatstorm. by the time i was done he was buying me drinks and helping me wheel girls.”

“my prof didn’t like my essay, but after my chatstorm he gave me an 80, legit”

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