simply, cold hard cash
john:hey tom what do you want for christmas

tom: just some chc
big cheeks on a male or female, that is good for holding male sp-nk, c-m holding cheeks
bro she has them chc’s
crooked hat club – members are those guys (and the occasional girl) who walk around with their baseball caps set to some funky angle other than forward or backward. att-tude is usually implied, but usually they just turn out to be punks.
look at that wigger by the jukebox. a founding member of the c.h.c.!
the chc is the most well known toronto based gang. it originated out of rosedale, or sometimes referred to as the “rosy-d.” it is the most gruesome, violent and drug-related gang in the world. it is run by a group of the most deadly men in the world who have high connections in the music industry and firearm companies. once the chc is “on your back” you have no chance of survival.
d-mn son, tha chc is on yo back! dey gonna rape your motha kill yo fatha, kill all y’all baby mamas, sell yo kids for medical experiments, steal yo money, skin you alive, flay yo skin over dey bodies den make y’all listen to steve perry fo da rest of y’all live.
abbreviation for the chicago cubs.
my chicago cubs will never win the world series because of the curse.

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