cheap quality
or just something rubbish.
that is some cheapo handbag.
a person who is very instinctive about comparing prices for the lowest one.
what a cheapo.
see tightwad.
i will forego the use of paper plates for months till they go on sale for 20 cents off. some call me a cheapo. i call it pure genius.
a noun that describes a person who is very cheap. cheaper than mr. krabs !
gavin:yo hermes, whatchu gunna order?
hermes: im gunna get the food from the dollar menu, yo.
gavin: ur such a cheap-o, mannnn.
hermes: i can’t help it…it’s a habit mannnnn.
a rip-off of a well-known company with a change in the name or logo that still refers to the original product.
nice (nike)
rola-cola (coca-cola)
middle-east park (south park)
p–psi (pepsi)

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