cheek skin

there aren’t any definitions for cheek skin yet.

can you define it?

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  • fresh *sshole

    it’s when the -ss hole is so clean u could eat a meal off of it. also eat to f-ck bc the -sshole is smooth and smelling clean this fresh -sshole feels so good on my c-ck janet

  • su*cide orgy

    when a lot of depressed people get together and talk about offing themselves together. usually used in a joking manner. “omg, i’m so depressed..” “me too!” “same!” “ikr! this should be a suicide orgy!”

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    when andrea sh-ts her pants at work while laughing too hard at her own jokes. “andrea’s sharrd is leaking on our brand new carpet!” a southern cousin to sharted

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    the leader of everything. the best at it all💜. a girl who make good grades and is born an aries.💦 i wanna be a shadiamin one day.

  • jewish saddle

    a person u really don’t like who usually does things for other people just to fit in like an absolute tw-t “u f-cking jewish saddler!”

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