a british word for someone who disrespects and talks back to you. to give cheek.
“she is one cheeky b-tch!”
a synonym for owned, or burn! originated in pine bush, new york. (in the highschool). used after someone has just been insulted, or has done something stupid.
oohh you got a 65 on your test? cheeks!
a derogatory term used as a synonym of ugly, displeasing, or just overall bad. the word originates from doherty high school in worcester, ma.

an alternate spelling is (cheex)
variations of the word include cheeksiest or cheeksier.
1) if a group of ugly girls walk by, one might say “d-mn those girls are mad cheeks.”

2) if it is snowing/raining/cold out one might say “this weather is so cheeks.”

3) the word cheeks can also be combined with other words to form new words such as “cheeks-aholic” or “cheeksanasourus rex”
hooking up, getting -ss
i hope to get some cheeks tonite
rubbing of one’s cheek to another person’s cheek to display affection. sparks fly when it happens. lotion recommended for extra softness.

caution: possible acne may occur
oh man, kimberly just cheeked maxwell!
grade “a”, quality booty.

double d’s of the -ss world.

known to cause instant b-n-rs.

when is presence of cheeks, one must yell “juice” to let her know what’s up.
nicki minaj’s -ss would be a prime example of cheeks.

what is the meaning of life?

a ghetto term for s-x or -ss that’s often times used in the sense of having s-x. the term directly refers to her -ss-cheek.
guy 1: yo man, i’m never gonna get s-x wit my gf.
guy 2: d-mn straight, homie. you ain’t ever gonna get cheek.

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