basicly it means people, yep
dude, look at all these cheeples

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  • Cheese B.

    a very delicious hamburger with cheese. you indulge upon its greatness with one hand. he has 50 cents in his hand to take the bus. looks down. “f-ck this i’m going to go get a cheese b.”

  • cheeseburger girl

    a stupid low life fat -ss b-tch that orders cheeseburgers at big name resturants because she don’t know what else is on teh menu. cheeseburger girl’s friend: what are you getting? i think i’m getting a crown victorian steak. cheeseburger girl: wtf is that???!?! i’m just getting a cheeseburger with extra fat and grease.

  • Brown Mumbler

    this is a northern wisconsin expression which is used to describe any number of stiff drinks made with whiskey or brandy. commonly used to describe a manahatan or a brandy old fashion. bar tender, give me a brown mumbler and be lively my lad!

  • HGC

    n. half gallon challenge or half gal chal; an event where small group of p-ssionate individuals dedicated to finishing a half gallon of liquor do so in a timely manner. team members take shots, one after another, until the handle is empty. half gallon challenges can consist of a team racing the clock to set […]

  • Brrangdang

    it can mean anything you want it to. wake up every morning and say brrangdang and you’ll have a great day! don’t forget to roll the “r” for the best effect! matt: hey man tay: brrangdang!

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