cheese eater

a “rat”. a snitch, slimy two faced, backstabbing coward telltale who probably also will eat the cheese out of somebody’s dirty underwear if it will keep them out of jail!
the reason jon didn’t go to jail is because he is a cheese eater! told on all his friends and got zero time. rotten stinking cheese eater!
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is a snitch, a rat, someone who is working with the cops
dont f-ck with that fool, he,s a cheese eater
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one who doesn’t want to work yet expects to get paid.
jane is a lazy cheese eater.
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a derogatory term for one who collects government -ssistance. so named because the u.s. government, between the 1960s and 1990s, ran a popular public -ssistance program for welfare and food stamp recipients whereby recipients were given blocks of processed “government cheese”.
what do you cheese eaters care about taxes; you don’t even pay taxes!
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an informer (supposedly, rats eat cheese)
that cheese eater told the police about the plan.
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when you have that one person who tries extra hard to kiss someone’s -ss boss, teacher, parent etc. they will go an extra mile just to make themselves look good. also they like to snitch to make themselves look good. friend to your face throwing you under the bus the next. just so they glorify themselves even though noone gives a f-ck about them.
1. mrs. hottie receives an apple every day from little charlie the cheese eater who always is 30 mins early to cl-ss also sits in front and raises his hand even when questions aren’t asked. tells on anyone who doesnt do there homework. that kid who you catch in the bathroom and beat the h-ll out of them and put there head in a sh-tty toilet.
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a “cheese eater” is very coomonly used in the military as someone who kisses up to the boss, an a– kisser. this person is looking for praise, to curry favor.
sgt. smith is such a cheese eater, he brings coffee every morning only for the officers.
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usually a middle-aged male with excessive facial fat deposits, a vitamin d deficiency and a tendency toward -n-l retentiveness and fawning subservience.
that f-ckin’ cheese eater thinks he’s the sh-t, but he’s really just a stiff who does whatever his boss tells him.
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