cheesenova is a blend word, combining “cheesy” and “casanova”.
roberto is such a “cheesenova”

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  • g*y baby jail

    a hot guy that could even make a straight guy g-y or even a baby s-xual woah! that guys so hot he’s a g-y baby jail.

  • antonio rodriguez

    a ugly guy who likes sucking c-ck antonio rodriguez wants some c-ck

  • f*ck of c*nts

    a group of c-nts is called a f-ck of c-nts, almost like how a group of cows is a herd. you guys are a f-ck of c-nts.

  • got me tight

    being mad or angry at a situation that someone got you bent. mannn this b-tch got me tight talkin bout she ain’t tryna f-ck.

  • abshire

    g-yest last name of all time tbh and if you have this last name i’m sorry for you look at that r-t-rded p-ssy abshire dumf-ck

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