used by the adolescent population at large to describe something so bl–dy cheesy, that it actually becomes amazingly fantastic. the use of the word cheesetastic usually implies a derived pleasure from the utter cheese of a situation or phrase.
be cautious, large danger of over usage.
-watches soap opera in which lead actress is pregnant with the baby of her brother’s wife’s father’s uncle, and is married to her father-

“dude, her unfortunate pregnancy situation is so totally cheesetastic!”
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the word cheesetastic is obviously a reference to an over the top enthusiasm for something. it is generally a sarcastic statement implying disbelief in the concept being enthused upon.
wow, george bush fanatics are really cheesetastic.
when a guy is making a sandwich for his lady friend(which rarely happens) and he has no cheese for the sandwich. what he does at this point is -j-c-l-t- onto the bread, using his”j-zz” as cheese.
guy:”honey this is a once in a life time opportunity, i’m making you a sandwich, what do you want on it?”

girl:”i don’t care babe but i want it to be cheese-tastic!”
a word to describe something immensly cheese filled or cool.
not something cheesey as that would be cheesefilledcr-p
not cheesetastic
drew:hey i am having cheese on toast for brekkie u wanna see it?
robz:wow dude that is totally cheesetastic!

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