cheesy tot

a tator tot looking food filled with cheesy potatoes and ground round. also, a cheesy tot is surrounded by a bacon piece sizzled with brown sugar. to add some extra pizzaz, melt cheese (amerian only) on the tot.
kelly woke up in the morning without her long johns on thinking of only the cheesy tot she was about to sink her lips into. there was nothing she wanted more in the world.
a mouth watering fusion of cheese and tater tots sold at burger king. they will bring peace to western civilization.
the girl i was banging couldn’t -rg-sm because she had such a craving for cheesy tots.
a girl that has no home to live in that will f-ck you for a cig, blow you for a bed for a night, and flash you for some bk cheesy tots
man that chick was desperate.

yeah i think she was cheesy tots.

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