Cheetos Bowl

a imaginary bowl game that big frank thought existed, connection to the worst joke ever.
“wow, the tost-tos bowl . . . what’s next, the cheetos bowl?

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  • chest growl

    when a girl burps but doesn’t want to say it, she says she had a chest growl if your at the movies with a pretty girl and you hear a noise like a burp and ask her if that’s what is was then she replies, “no, it was a chest growl”

  • Chestnut Topper

    the “top-off” or “refresher” to a gl-ss of wine. when the white or red liquid falls too far below the 6oz standard, remember to continue indulging with a chestnut topper. bill: “your gl-ss is looking low there, tom…” tom: “bill, i need a chestnut topper, fill ‘er up”

  • Chevrette

    bad-ss chicks!! i know that look, you must be a chevrette!

  • chewbz

    street slang for a cylindrical container rather than the correctly pr-nounced ‘tube’ (‘t-yooo-b’) plural of chewb aight bred, i iz gonna order two chewbz packed wiv retro sweets for me julie for christmas innit!

  • chew man chew

    a gay asian man, thai lady boy type dude. that new action star is nothing but a chew man chew.

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