cheese snacks that taste good but will give you the sh-ts if you eat too many
these cheetos are so good!!! -4 hours later- aww sh-t, my stomach is killing me!!!! why the f-ck did i eat that whole bag of cheetos?!?!?
dangerously cheesy urban/ehtnic snack.
fo’ shizzle my nizzle, hook a brother up with some mo’ cheetos.
yummy orange …things that taste good and are made by a tiger on drugs
mmm cheetos
orange crunchy snack that can be cheesy, very cheesy, dangerously cheesy, or spicy. also many shapes and sizes. there are even non-crunchy ones.
i honestly like the wheel-shaped cheetos best. i mean, that’s just one guy’s opinion, though.
a girl who goes to the tanning salon too much and now looks orange, like a cheeto
karen looks like a big cheeto
tasty looking things, without a proper definite size, usually they can range from narrow and long, to miniscule and round. this gives me the impression that cheetos are just made from the dough-runoffs of other snack food brands, so the makers can just make some extra money.
manager: the immigrant workers have been complaining about constantly scooping off the excess dough from the cutouts of our doritos brand.

ceo: lets save both them, and me, some time, and money, by allowing the scr-ps to drop into a deep fryer ingeniously positioned beneath the conveyor belts meant for our less popular lines of snack foods.

manager: capital idea! we should call them cheetos!

ceo: now go fire all the workers and manual dough handlers!
obsession while you are under the influence of marijuana
-where the f-ck are my cheetos?!!!
– oh god not again!! i don’t know where your cheetos are!
-ok -crash-
-o no not the good china!!
-where are they? if i dont have my cheetos im gonna die.
-i dont know where they are i swear
-liar! -punch-
-ahhh not my hair…oh…god. -breaths-…f-cking stoner
a cheesy snack created by a genius
fact: cheetos were created by a man who cheated on his wife do to the fact she had ugly toes!

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