sniffing male cat p-ss to trip b-lls.
hey guys, let’s go cheeze!
you wanna go cheezing later?
i’m cheezing my f-cking brains out right now!
(v.)cheezing is when someone uses a glitch, or a design error in a video game to achieve virtual supremacy over their opponents. often times, the (n.)cheezer will exploit their god-like discovery repeatedly against their opponents, even friends, until he/she quits out of disgust and frustration. cheezers have shown no sign of slowing down in recent years, despite many criticisms coming from popular virtual pundits in the gaming community.

-term is most commonly -ssociated with sports-related or fighting video games.

pr-nounced (v. chee-zing) (n. cheese-err) (a. chee-zee)
“walter can you please stop cheezing? maybe you can stop running the same play to randy moss on me everytime? i mean, it’s entirely up to you man, but i know you don’t want me to spread the word at school that you’re a cheezer do you…? yeah, exactly what i thought c-nt, now it’s time for the noise to be brought on you.”

“this lil mark online is a f-ckin cheezer homie. yo kareem come look at this sh-t n-gg-, kobe’s already got 81 in the first half blood.”

“stop f-cking cheezing with liu kang’s bicyle kick f-got. is that the only move you know in mortal kombat you cheezy little b-tch? f-ck you. (sigh). sh-t dude.”
the act of inhalation of female felines “spray”
dog i juss got done cheezing, im gone

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