a moderately confused asian fellow
wow he didnt understand why i wanted saki and c-ke. he’s a real “chenchi”

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    a mnemonic for “for me to know and you to find out” f = for, m = me, t = to, k = know, a = and, y = you, t = to, f = find, o = out for me to know and you to find out fmtkaytfo niloc__”crotch is the best band out […]

  • fobrick

    noun: the sound a bilge pump makes when inserted into a picnic basket and used to vigorously pump out sandwiches, tomatoes, hardboiled eggs and mice. “i’m going to get you jerry! -fobirck- -fobirck- -fobrick-“

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    a term used when you have had or are getting an -rg-smic foot m-ssage. megan footgasms when i rub her feet nice and hard. noun. when two people are at the height of foot intercourse, a footgasm occurs, making both people’s feet feel amazing. bob “did you see that girl’s feet?” avo “yeah, they gave […]

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    killer portugese soccer (football in europe) player. women like him because of his hairy legs. apparently s-x bomb. like the best soccer player in the world is luis figo.

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