a square p-n-s
the guy sucked at life because of his chenipode.

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  • Rumpergroven

    slang for an -ss. used in n-z- germany (1931 – 1945) hitler: “oh, zieg heil… heil hitler. stick your studerbalker in my rumpergroven!”

  • retro-futuristic rock 'n' roll

    a musical genre that encomp-sses all forms of rock ‘n’ roll, from elvis to emo, and is redefined whenever a new genre is created. the alb-m runs the gamut of retro-futuristic rock ‘n’ roll, including rockabilly, british invasion, reggae, new wave, grunge and emo.

  • beer blumpkin

    receiving head while on the sh-tter and drinking a beer. dave received a beer blumpkin @ the bar last night.

  • f00ping

    the act of stealing a road cone, barrel, barrade, etc. from some random construction site, driving with it in your car (easier as the p-ssenger of a friend’s car), and throwing it out the door, window, or sunroof into a friend’s driveway, or placing it onto their car, porch, etc… tom and seth startign f00ping […]

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    a slang term for facebook, using the conjugation rule for the suffix izzle to refer to facebook in a cooler way than the standard “facebook”. mike: “hey, did you see that hottie we met at the pool the other day accepted my friend request?” hunt: “nah, i ain’t been on facebizzle in a coupla weeks, […]

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