little indian gangster who can juju on the beat on command
d-mn you see that b— in the sari? she a straight chepa, you can tell
ecuadorian slang for p-ssy.
mamacita dame tu chepa!
shortened from cheap -ss. with objects, shoddy. when used to describe an person’s actions or a person, it implies a level of malevolence, but mild, usually through inaction. chep-us
of course it broke. what do you expect from a chepas drill.

scheduling a evening test on the night of the final four? chepas!

that chepas b-st-rd said he’d give me a ride just five minutes ago.
a nosy b-tch that likes to gossip.
that b-tch talks all kinds of sh-t. she’s a f-ckin’ chepa.
be careful what you say around her!

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